Essential EDC Kit


Keep calm and carry on.

Every Day Carry – or EDC, as we call it – is a term thrown around loosely in our world. There are countless testaments around the web to our cherished pockets' contents. Frankly, some of them leave us feeling a) scared (Is that a carbon fiber shank?) or 2) confused (You carry around 10' of paracord with you at all times?) So we took it upon ourselves to build out an all-star EDC kit and compile it on the best keyring money can buy. All you have to do is carry on.

Kit includes

  • (1) Split Key Ring
  • (1) Wazoo Survival Gear Woodchuck
  • (1) Screw Key Set
  • (1) Peanut Lighter

Item breakdowns


  • Black oxide finish
  • 1.3” Diameter

Wazoo Survival Gear Woodchuck

Paracord - 550-pound rating and seven internal strands - Lashes together shelters and rafts - Makes nets to catch fish or carry supplies

Firesteel - Can be struck quickly against name plate to ignite fine tinder - Can be scraped slowly to create flammable shavings

Wire Saw - Makes a bow saw to cut large branches for shelter and fire - Can untwist the strands to use as snare wire

Name plate - Made of stainless steel - Can be used as striker for firesteel - Can be used as sinker or spinner for fishing - Sharpen to create a makeshift blade


  • (1) Phillips and (1) flat head keychain
  • Heat treated, blackened steel


  • Machined from 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • Can be used as a small candle
  • Removable lighter that turns into a watertight pill or small item container
  • Uses standard liquid lighter fluid (not included)
  • 1.3"H x 0.5" diameter

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