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EDC Kit 3.0







Our lightest EDC kit yet.

We've put together our fair share of EDC kits before, but we think this one is one of our best yet. It's definitely the lightest (there's a 15g knife — that's lighter than 2 pencils) — and one of the most durable to boot. All five items are odes to minimalist design principles (see: the Handgrey Carabiner and Bottle Opener). So whether you're heading into the city or out to the country, or a little bit of both, you'll be all set to tackle the unexpected.

Keep calm and carry on, fellas.

  • (1) Titanium Carabiner
  • (1) Titanium Micro Bottle Opener
  • (1) Deejo 15g knife
  • (1) Peanut Lighter
  • (1) Runt Clip

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