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Pocket Desk



Color: Walnut




A smart and comfortable desk designed for the way we work today

Founded by a former race car designer, Housefish specializes in minimal furniture that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Using traditional materials with forward-thinking design, each piece could just as easily fit in the MoMA as it could your home. The Pocket Desk throws out the unessentials for a modern workspace and keeps only the necessities, making it a simplified-but-beautiful, functional-but-streamlined desk not of the future, but of the now.

  • Handsome, solid ash work surface
  • Front pocket to store papers and pens
  • Back pocket to store cords, wireless routers, power strips, and other accessories
  • Made with solid blackened ash and durable, high-quality Europly
  • Made in Denver, Colorado from USA-sourced materials

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