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We do love our boots, (some of us maybe too much) but we’ll be the first to admit that sometimes the care and feeding of a new boot can get a little too precious for our taste. When Aussie Georgia Hobart decided to start her own footwear company a few years back, we’ll wager she was looking to scratch the same itch.

While they’re packing the same awesome details as our favorite luxury chukkas – fine Italian suede, painstaking hand-stitching and a shock-absorbing crepe rubber sole – Hobes are like that friend that’s just easier to get along with. No breaking ‘em in, no worrying about them getting scuffed up, no need to make room for an extra 30 lbs in your suitcase. Think of it as the boot version of that perfectly messy hair you get after a quick dip in the ocean. The word ‘essential’ gets tossed around a lot, but in this case the shoe fits.

Bummer. No products are currently available from Hobes

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