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2-in-1 Scissors


Color: Gold




Striking and uniquely designed home pieces made with care and a close attention to detail

This day and age, it takes a lot of talent, a truly inspired mind, and innovative ideas to stand out from the crowd—HMM cracked this code a while back as a design studio with forward-thinking pieces that are one-of-a-kind. Handmade by Taiwanese artisans, their 2-in-1 Scissors are made from Japanese steel and include a standing base to proudly keep them on display when not in use. HMM also included a handsome box cutter/letter opener feature at the opposite end for a perfect desk tool that adds a touch of style to any office.

  • Simple, minimalist design is truly unique and looks great on display
  • The scissors have a magnetic base that keep them securely on display when not in use
  • Box cutter/letter opener tool comes to a point but is not sharp—eliminates potential injury
  • Built from Japanese 420 stainless steel
  • Made by Taiwanaese artisans

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