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Hill City

Hill City

If you recognize the name Hill City, it’s most likely because you’ve heard it spoken about with a sort of hushed reverence. Or maybe you’ve seen it percolating across the pages of GQ or Highsnobiety—emanating a kind of street-style savvy most menswear brands only dream of. New on the scene in 2018, the brand has been relatively under-the-radar since its inception, when founder and former MLS goalie, Noah Palmer, kicked things off. But based on the impressive quality of their technical everyday styles—we’re betting their discreet status won’t last long. The brand was built to fuse everyday life with the comfort of performance fabrics, engineering styles like the Weightless Insulated Hoodie—a lightweight, water-repellent hoodie that comes in a sharply tailored design. It’s styles like this, combined with their clean, understated aesthetic that will most likely catapult them into powerhouse status.

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