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Hawaii Lifeguard Association

Hawaii Lifeguard Association

Ever since Duke Kahanomoku used his surfboard to rescue eight men from a sinking fishing vessel way back in 1925, lifeguards across the world have been putting the tools of their trade to the test of saving lives. Case in point: the rugged, dependable, and watertight Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Watch. It’s found on the wrists of the HLA and Archie Kalepa — basically, the Navy SEALs of the lifeguarding world and their spiritual leader — on heroic, life-saving feats as they take on the dangers of the ocean, coastal cliffs, and rocky shorelines. Whether you’re looking for a tool diver to round out a burgeoning collection or you’re after something to save your pops’ vintage diver from dings and dents, the HLA is a solid choice. It’s a versatile piece we’ve been wearing the hell out of so far, and know you will too — whether you’re headed underwater, up a sheer rock face, or just looking to get horizontal on a poolside chaise.

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