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Hardcore Hammers

Original Hardcore Hammer



Color: Tan



This is a final sale item

The original Hardcore Hammer

Named for both the hardened steel core of the hammerhead and for just how hardcore these hammers really are, we’ve never come across a tool that’s felt better in our hands. American-made and designed to stand up to the day-in, day-out needs of a professional carpenter, Hardcore Hammers are the best choice for anything from DIY home repairs to a daily driver for tradesmen.

  • Patent-pending hardened steel recessed traction surface
  • Magnetized nail slots on the top and bottom for versatile one-handed nail starting
  • Straightened claw ideal for pulling tough nails and ripping boards
  • Oversized handle sleeve provides overstrike protection
  • Genuine American Hickory handle
  • Curved naturalist handle
  • 19oz head provides optimum balance for greater control
  • Made in the USA