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Hampui Hats

Hampui Hats

We had a vision for the ultimate hat that not only looked great and had its own personality, but could stand up to the rigors of everyday wear, adventures in the outdoors, and everything in between. And when you have a vision for a hat, Willee at Hampui Hats is the man you go see. Mentored by an old-school Bolivian hat maker, Willee’s hats have an authentic heritage look and feel like no other—like a cross between a classic Stetson and something you might see on Francis Mallman while he spit-roasts an entire lamb over a cliffside bonfire. Using fine Patagonian merino wool that’s densely felted so it keeps its shape over time, Willee shapes every Hampui hat in his workshop by hand using antique shaping machines. Then comes what makes Willee’s process so special: his collection of textiles, coins, and pins that are handpicked from bazaars, marketplaces, and shops around the world. Willee puts the finishing touches on each hat to embody the spirit of the wearer. In this case, that’s you—someone who lives life with an adventurous spirit whether you’re close to home or on a far-flung journey, with a rugged but polished sense of style, and an appreciation for authentic and high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

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