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uKeg Nitro Cold Brew



Color: Titanium




The cost-effective way to get premium nitro cold brew every morning

We all know cold brew is the bigger, badder older brother to coffee, but few folks have caught on to infusing that morning delight with nitro. And if anyone knows a thing or two about infusing beverages with gasses, it’s GrowlerWerks. Diverting slightly from their CO₂-infused beer growlers, they’re back to give cold brew a new life. Their uKeg Nitro features a nearly bomb-proof stainless steel construction that’s double-wall, vacuum-sealed for long-lasting freshness, and uses nitro gas to bring a creamy, micro-bubble experience to your cold brew. The real kicker? You can brew your own cold brew in the growler to save even more money—no more exuberant costs for quality coffee, the uKeg Nitro pays for itself.

Includes 4 coffee filters and 2 nitro cartridges, a $10 value

  • Built from highly durable and premium stainless steel
  • Double-walled and vacuumed-sealed to keep the cold brew as cold as possible and fresh for weeks
  • Supremely cost-effective: you can brew your own cold brew in the growler and receive the effects of the nitro at a super minimal cost
  • Automatic regulating nitro cap releases just the right amount of nitro gas for a perfect pour every time
  • Specifically designed nitro tap allows for maximum taste and quality in each pour
  • Locking tap handle allows you to transport or store your growler without the worries of spilling or leaking
  • 12 cup capacity can easily contain over a week’s worth of nitro cold brew at a time
  • Durable glass sight tube at the front shows you how many cups of cold brew you have left
  • Ergonomic back handle allows you to transport your growler with ease
  • Can be left out for 6-8 hours and still retain maximum coldness
  • Compact size is designed to easily fit in home refrigerators
  • Available for domestic US shipping only

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