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uKeg 128 oz - Stainless Steel Growler (w/ CO2)


Color: Stainless Steel




Keep your best brew fresh and on tap — for weeks.

Like all aspiring mixologists, we take our homebrews pretty damn seriously, and at the top of our shortlist is Growlerwerks' uKeg 128. This mini keg comes in the size of full-gallon growler and is jam-packed with utility, but here's the punchline: it keeps beer cold and fresh for weeks — at the home bar or on the move.

  • VPR cap for optimal carbonation (adjust from 0 - 15 psi)
  • CO2 keeps beer pressurized and carbonates perfectly as you pour
  • One 16 g CO2 cartridge pressurizes and carbonates 128 oz of beer
  • Double-walled, vacuum-insulated vessel
  • Dispenser Tap easily pours beer without removing cap
  • Sight Glass displays remaining beer
  • Pressure gauge displays inside pressure
  • Interchangeable Tap Handle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Capacity: 128 fl. oz. (8-10 beers)
  • Available for domestic US shipping only

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