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Ghost Outdoors

Army Blanket



Color: Bush Geometry




Army-weight wool blankets with original designs inspired by the Western Australian landscape

As freedom-seeking adventurers who shirk civilization as regularly as possible, Ghost Outdoors makes gear that’s as rugged as their native Western Australia. Considering few things are as multi-use as an army-weight wool blanket, these guys make theirs out of pure Australian merino that feels good against your skin when used for fireside warmth, breathes easily as a makeshift poncho, and stays strong when used as an impromptu pack. With stunning minimalist patterns inspired by the terrain Down Under, these will look as great on your couch as they will strung up as a privacy screen when you’re changing into your cossie on a beach in Perth.

  • Heavy army-weight wool blanket for camping and lounging
  • Original Bush Geometry design is inspired by the forms of Australian native flora
  • Built from soft and never scratchy Australian merino wool
  • Reversible design with hand-stitched contrast edging
  • Merino wool is naturally breathable, temperature-regulating, and odor-resistant

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