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Stay inspired with gestalten’s curated collection of cultural deep dives

Ultramarathons in the mountains. The cutting edge of cured meats. Modern masterpieces of residential architecture. At first glance, it’s hard to find the throughline in gestalten’s eclectic oeuvre. But with a little time spent flipping through their beautifully crafted volumes, it starts to coalesce: they’re interested in projects that document the myriad creative, unconventional, and passionate ways that people engage with life on the third rock from the sun. Our handpicked selection of their books are perfect for the coffee table, and even better for the bookshelf in your workspace—flip through one of them when you’re feeling like you need a little creative juice, and you’ll be inspired in no time.

Bouldering is an examination of a lifestyle that goes beyond the definition of a sport or a pastime. There is a strong gravity shared by everyone in this community that not only draws them to the next crag, the next challenge, or the boundaries of their mental and physical capabilities, but to each other. This book examines the inspirational figures and the powerful, disciplined ethos at the center of the rock climbing world, uncovering innate truths about perseverance through failure and the unkillable human spirit.