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Hide and Seek


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”A house without books is like a room without windows.” - Horace Mann

Inspiration, aspiration, new worlds, places unseen—these books deliver on all of it. Covering the best and most vibrant corners of travel, art, culture, design, and architecture, the high-quality hardcovers from Gestalten are things of beauty to be admired today and 50 years from now. Anyone who’s ever dreamed about their own cabin in the woods needs a copy of Hide and Seek. A collection of hideaways, summer homes, and tiny cabins, it’s a beautiful escape from the everyday.

  • Showcases homes in the forest, on the water, in the mountains, and other remote locales
  • Includes detailed photographs of the architecture and interior design of these homes away from home, from rustic shelters to modern abodes
  • Draws attention to the intersection of the natural world and contextual architecture
  • Printed in Trento, Italy and Forest Stewardship Council™️ certified

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