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The iconic, crazy-durable G-Shock with self-corrected timekeeping

One thing mattered to Kikuo Ibe when he designed Casio’s G-Shock back in 1983: toughness. Everything we love about the iconic watch—the blocky shape, the encapsulating bezel, the serious water resistance—were all in service of that single goal. And sure, G-Shocks still hold their place at the pinnacle of horological durability, but they’re also stylish as hell. Unfussy, and utilitarian, it's a watch that can handle anything you put it up against. These new lightweight metal silhouettes feature upgrades in shock-resistance and durability, and they incorporate Bluetooth® and Multi Band 6 technology to automatically adjust their timekeeping no matter where you are in the world.

  • Reliable G-Shock watch with automatic timekeeping adjustments no matter where your travels take you
  • Dual Core Guard structure with an integrated carbon monocoque case and exterior metal parts
  • Lightweight layered composite bands with hollow metal segments encasing fine resin
  • Metal frame with a slide lever mechanism that makes band replacement quick and simple
  • Adjusts timekeeping automatically to maintain accuracy even when you cross time zones
  • Connects via Bluetooth® with a smartphone running the G-SHOCK Connected app to reference an online time server
  • Multi Band 6 technology automatically adjust time settings based on reception of one of six calibration signals around the globe
  • Solar powered design ensures stable operation while using power-hungry functions
  • Long battery life can last for 5 months of normal use without exposure to light
  • Features G-Shock's Triple G Resist: shock resistant, centrifugal force resistant, vibration resistant

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