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The iconic, crazy-durable G-Shock with a stylish metal bezel

One thing mattered to Kikuo Ibe when he designed Casio’s G-Shock back in 1983: toughness. Everything we love about the iconic watch—the blocky shape, the encapsulating bezel, the serious water resistance—were all in service of that single goal. And sure, G-Shocks still hold their place at the pinnacle of horological durability, but they’re also stylish as hell. Unfussy, and utilitarian, it’s a watch that can handle anything you put it up against.

  • This battle-tested watch is trusted by adventure sports athletes, special forces personnel, and is even NASA space-flight certified
  • Built with Triple 10 resistance—10 years of battery life, 10 bars of water resistance, and 10m of shock resistance
  • New model GM5600B-1 is part of the classic, square-faced DW-5600 series with brushed stainless steel added to the bezel for a sharp new look
  • Offers resistance against electric shock, gravity, low temperatures, vibration, water, and impact
  • Impact-resistant features include internal components protected with urethane and a suspended timekeeping module
  • Electro-luminescent backlight with Afterglow lets you see clearly in low-light situations
  • 200 meter water resistance can handle showers, swims, and surf sessions
  • Includes calendar, alarm, and timer functions

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