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“Standout workout basics” - GQ

When GQ, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and a smattering of our personal faves like Valet all singled out FOURLAPS as their go-to new gear for hitting the gym, the track or the box, our interest was naturally piqued. After a few test laps around our local park, it wasn’t hard to see why. With bold and stylish choices like the moisture-wicking Level Tee and comfy-as-hell Relay Track Pants, FOURLAPS have created athletic wear that’s great looking but still understated enough to not look like you’re trying out for the Dallas Cowboys in the line at the grocery store. Plus, it boasts all the tech the bigger athletic brands hype to the skies at prices that are a whole lot friendlier. Men’s Fitness may have called ‘em “an absolute game-changer,” but one more ordinary reviewer said it best: “When you wear something and you like it, you run better.”

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