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Four Sigmatic

The Republic of Finland is well known for a few things — being home to some of the happiest people on this planet, great education, economic stability and now — mushrooms. A few college buddies from the Nordic region discovered a common love for the superfood and together they founded Four Sigmatic in hopes of sharing the impressive health benefits of these little fungi. With a network of doctors, chefs, nutritionists, and athletes, they’ve done the legwork and come up with a few stellar products, including coffee, tea, and mixes, meant to give you energy and increase brain function without those jitters. Don’t worry, these are completely legal and purely medicinal ‘shrooms, not the mind-altering, out-of-body, Joshua-Tree-weekend kind. At HBHQ, you’ll find us sipping this stuff for all-day energy, but we feel it’s best suited for on-the-go lifestyles, like hanging around camp, backpacking the PCT, or long-haul roadtripping. These mixes come in perfectly sized travel packets so you can mix and go. They’ve got a solid lineup to choose from so you can find your cup of tea — or coffee. Just ask our buddy Tim Ferriss, a certified health enthusiast and mushroom convert (and, without a doubt, one of the most productive people on Earth).

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