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Four Point Puzzles

The Earth Puzzle


Color: Blue




An ultra-detailed look at the Earth in a 1,000 piece puzzle

Put your phone away, shut your laptop, and let your hands and eyes get a blue light break for a while. Puzzles are hands down (and hands-on) the best way to give yourself a little digital detox—and Four Point Puzzles is putting out some of the most gorgeous puzzles we’ve ever seen. Reproducing one of the clearest images of the Earth’s Western Hemisphere, the Earth Puzzle is a challenging but doable 1,000-piece round puzzle with no two pieces alike. And locking in that last piece delivers a satisfaction no screen can replicate.

  • Incredibly detailed image from NASA’s Blue Marble series depicts the Western Hemisphere and Pacific Ocean
  • Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
  • Four Point Puzzles will donate 10% of Earth puzzle sales to wildlife and habitat conservation
  • Difficulty rated 3.5 out of 5
  • Each piece is a different shape making the puzzle challenging but achievable

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