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The humble spinning top has captivated minds since the days of antiquity — there’s something so simple and hypnotic about watching one dance gracefully across a table. ForeverSpin brings the top’s timeless design into the 21st century by using modern manufacturing techniques and pure, strong metals to create a product that’s both handsome and surprisingly technical. Each top in their collection is precision machined in Canada from a solid block of metal, ranging from titanium to tungsten, and they’re all backed by a lifetime guarantee. This time around, we also have an exclusive metal, Damascus Steel, that’s only available at Huckberry. Dating back to the Third Century, Damascus Steel is incredibly labor intensive to produce and is prized for its weapons-grade strength. Plus, no two Damascus spinning tops are the same since the fabrication of the metal is done by hand.

A top is a great conversation starter to keep in your pocket, and a great item to keep on your desk for those moments when you just need to fiddle with something while you cook up your next master plan. It also doesn’t hurt to keep one on hand for, well…Inception anyone?

Bummer. No products are currently available from ForeverSpin

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