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Levitating Light - Copper/Walnut



Color: Buckminster



This is a final sale item

“Best inventions of 2016” -Time Magazine

The Flyte is the end-all be-all of conversation pieces — a handsome LED table light that gracefully floats midair above its wooden base. And when we say float, we really mean float. You can move your fingers all the way around this bulb while it magically stays on. It’s really not often that something like this comes around, that so perfectly uses technology to bring a whole new sense of life to the place you call home.

  • Magnetic force floats light bulb completely above its base, for unprecedented “wow” factor
  • Efficient LED light bulb lasts over 50,000 hours
  • Created by a small team of Swedish designers and engineers
  • Handsomely-designed wooden base

Available for Domestic Shipping Only