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Flint and Tinder

Brad Leone Waxed Apron


Color: Coal




A waxed canvas apron with handy tool and pen pockets for the kitchen—just like the one Brad wears to protect himself from his most explosive recipes

Brad Leone gets it. From brewing beer to grilling campfire steaks to crabbing in Alaska, he’s always down to try something new, and have a hell of a good time doing it—even if every now and then he explodes a sparkling wine bottle, or a batch of kimchi comes out a little more interesting than expected. Watching It’s Alive, Brad’s surprise-hit Bon Appétit series (which went from being shelved to getting millions of views per episode), has inspired the crew at Flint and Tinder to get out of their comfort zones and get their hands dirty—both in the kitchen and in the wild. So they’re more than stoked to have teamed up with Brad on this waxed, wourder-resistant chef’s apron like the one he wears in the kitchen.

  • 7oz Martexin Original Waxed Sailcloth from New Jersey, Brad’s home state
  • Wears in real nicely over time, developing a personalized patina the more you get your hands dirty in the kitchen
  • Durable cotton neck and waist straps
  • Chest pocket with one large pocket and two pen pockets
  • 3 Large pockets at waist for utensils
  • 1 tool strap for your biggest, burliest spatula
  • Reinforced at stress points with metal peekaboo rivets for long-lasting durability

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