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Personal Concrete Fireplace Kit in Raw


Color: Raw

5" x 5.6"
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A safe, portable way to incorporate ambiance and a functioning fire in the home

Simply put, humans love fire—hell, most folks have a carved out hole in their family room dedicated to our enjoyment of fire. For the folks that want to take it one step further, FLIKR Fire has created the Personal Concrete Fireplace to let you enjoy the dancing flames of a well-contained fire anywhere in your home. For homemade s’mores in the kitchen, a little touch of class in the living room, or to serve as an elegant greeting in the entryway, this personal fireplace is thoughtfully designed and offers a new way to enjoy a simple fire.

  • Offers all the benefits of a regular-sized fireplace in a compact, portable design
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Utilizes isopropyl alcohol for a clean burn that doesn’t create soot and is safe to eat over
  • Built from a nearly magical cement material that doesn’t overheat or crumble after hours of exposure to heat
  • With only five ounces of isopropyl alcohol, you can achieve 50 minutes of burn time
  • Snuffing lid easily puts the fire out
  • Excellent accent piece in the home to add functional ambiance
  • Adjustable bottom feet keep the burning surface safe from the heat of the Tabletop Fireplace
  • Vessel: 100% cement
  • Base and Lid: 100% aluminum
  • Vessel: 5” x 5” x 5⅔”
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • Use paper towel and water to clean the rim when needed
  • Unit must be cooled before cleaning and must not be in use

Email us at [email protected] for sizing guidance or other questions.

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