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Welcome the cozy nature of a flame anywhere inside your home with a FLIKRFIRE personal fireplace. As an innovative brand changing the accessibility of a natural fire, the Flikr fireplace is a rugged mini conduit of warmth—completely safe for inside or outside—and embraces the traditional Japanese world view of aesthetic, wabi-sabi, welcoming imperfections and the transience of our homes. Though small enough to be considered a personal fireplace, this powerfully built hearth is also mighty—and totally worth the hype.

The cement-based Flikr fireplaces are expertly crafted and shaped by a team whose philosophy is to experiment and give consumers a way to craft new memories. You can save yourself the hard work of gathering firewood, too—the pleasure is in its simplicity. Pour isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol into the fireplace center, strike a match, and relax. It’s a sturdy centerpiece that will prove itself capable on a coffee table, outdoor bench, or any flat surface. With roughly 50 minutes of burn time for every 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol, you have a perfect solution to a quick change in ambiance that will help you wind down from the daily frenzy.

Unlock new core memories by making oozy s’mores, gather close friends in conversation, or enjoy mugs of dark roast coffee every morning as you watch the sun rise—all with the sturdy and easy glow from the personal fireplace next to you. Whether your Flikr fireplace kit is circular- or square-shaped, nothing will sound better than the gentle crackle of flames in the comfort of your own home.

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