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Hero Grill System - Portable Eco-Friendly Outdoor Grill + Case


Color: Black




The Hero Grill is an innovative way to enjoy your favorite grilled meals in the outdoors—anytime, anywhere

Combine a love for good food and the best adventures, and you get the Hero Grill. It’s a simple solution to cooking in the outdoors: just light the instant-light charcoal, slide it into the grill, and wait for it to heat up. All of the materials are thoughtfully chosen to be eco-friendly, including the fully compostable charcoal pod and the re-usable grill grate that will last you hundreds of cooking sessions. If you ask us, the even cooking temps and how easy it is to use might just beat out the good ol’ campfire for cooking just about anything.

  • Includes Hero Grill, one charcoal pod, bamboo spatula, thermometer, bamboo cutting board, and rugged, waterproof carrying case
  • Non-stick, dishwasher-safe grill folds up to the size of a laptop
  • Nested thermometer for gauging the temperature of the coals and for testing meat
  • Easy to use and ready to cook in five minutes, provides 60 full minutes of cooking time
  • Compact size is great for picnics, camping, tailgates, and more
  • Biodegradable charcoal pod can be disposed of in campfire or compost
  • Bamboo spatula has tines that match the grill grate to get under your food fast for easy flipping

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