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Field Notes

Field Notes

“National Parks are the best idea we ever had. Absolutely American, absolutely democratic, they reflect us at our best rather than our worst.” —Wallace Stegner

It’s easy to discount the humble notebook in the age of digital note taking, but all things considered it measures up amongst the most important inventions of all time—a sentiment that Field Notes founder Aaron Draplin agrees with wholeheartedly. He also happens to agree with Mr. Stegner up there about our National Parks—so, Field Notes’ latest collection of pocket-sized notebooks pays homage to the NPS with custom artwork honoring each park, an inside cover sharing the park’s history, and a 5% donation with every purchase.

The original Field Notes prototypes were inspired by farmers’ memo books that were crucial to agricultural life at the turn of the century, which Draplin collected from garage sales, antique stores, and other deposits of Americana across the country over the years. He started Field Notes to honor those notebooks—tools that everyday folks used to organize their lives—and provide such a tool for us to use in this day and age where we could all use an excuse to not take our phones out. So while you may not be penning the next great American novel, you can rest assured you’ll get just as much out of these US-made notebooks as you put into ‘em.

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