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Stagg EKG+ Electric Kettle


Color: Black




Precise temperature control combined with stunning minimalist design in a functional, decor-friendly electric kettle

The Stagg X Electric Kettle lets you precisely control the temperature of your water with variable temperature control so you can dial in the exact temperature for brewing coffee, tea, or anything else. Add a Bluetooth functionality for remote control, and this is the most functional kettle we’ve ever come across, electric or otherwise.

  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you full control over your Stagg EKG+ electric kettle from the Fellow Brewbar app
  • Variable temperature control with a discreet LCD screen to indicate the “set temperature” as well as the “real time temperature”
  • Built-in LCD screen display temperature, recipe, and other
  • Hold option will hold your hot water at a constant temperature until you’re ready
  • Turn on and off and set temperature remotely
  • Keep track recipes in a built-in memory bank
  • Brew stopwatch for precise brew/steep times
  • Precision pour spout and counterbalanced handle
  • Matte black scratch-resistant paint
  • Temperature range of 135-212°F

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