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Stagg X Pour-Over Set



Color: Clear/Black




Your perfect cup, made slow, steady and just how you like it

The Stagg X pour-over system puts the ultimate control of water and extraction in your hands when you make coffee. Engineered to make the best cup every time, it’s built to work best with the slower, traditional method of making pour-over with a slow, continuous stream of water.

  • Includes Stagg X Dripper, one Tasting Glass, and 20 filters
  • Designed to work best with the traditional method of a slow, continuous pour-over brew method
  • Engineered for a better, more consistent extraction every time you brew
  • Includes 20 filters

Stagg X Pour-over Dripper

  • Vacuum-insulated construction for better heat retention during brewing
  • No clog drainage ensures a consistent drip time for every brew
  • Sloped sides provides maximum coffee-to-water contact to boost extraction
  • Ratio Aid measuring cup for easy measuring
  • Built-in drip cup catches wayward drips
  • Brews one cup of coffee

Tasting Glass

  • Includes one glass
  • Double-walled body for heat retention and single-walled lip for easy sipping
  • Outward flared lip delivers coffee to the front of the tongue for more flavor

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