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When something kicks ass on Kickstarter, it’s clear a few rule-breaking innovators have just ‘nailed it’ by giving the people exactly what they’ve been jonesing for. So it’s no surprise that Everyman’s sleekly designed and multipurpose carry items blew their Kickstarter goal out of the crowdfunded water, raising six times the amount they’d hoped for. The Hideout Pack is their frontrunner, sporting PU lined ballistic nylon and multiple organization pockets — it’s truly indestructible while maintaining a level of practicality that’s ideal for everyday use. The ultimate travel bag, it sports a three-way zip so you can easily access those bubble-wrapped souvenirs at the top, or underwear stuffed in the bottom. Plus, a separate laptop compartment helps you zoom through those TSA lines. Once past security, you can settle into snooze mode with some first-class essentials like the memory foam Travel Pillow — a self-inflating cushion that packs down for easy storage. For those who can’t doze at altitude, we suggest the Grafton Pen — a slick, built-for-life pen that writes like a dream and comes in handy when you’re seated in 11B next to a chatty local with great tips.

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