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Portable, personal air conditioning

Personal air conditioning you can take with you wherever you go. Sound like a dream? Wake up to the reality of the EvaCHILL. It’s a super portable little air cooler that you can move with you around your house to stay cool without having to cool the whole damn house all day long. Or, bring it with you when you travel so you’re never stuck sweating your rear end off in an Airbnb with no AC ever again.

  • Chills, purifies, and humidifies all at the same time
  • Lightweight and great for travel
  • Easy to use: Fill the tank, plug it in, and turn it on
  • Low energy consumption at just 7.5W, lower than even a small fan
  • Full tank of water provides coolness for up to 8 hours
  • Quiet operation fades into the background
  • Power with USB Type-C through power bank, laptop, or power outlet
  • Includes one evaporative cartridge that lasts between 3-6 months
  • Leakproof design

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