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Eva Solo

Fireglobe Fireplace


Color: Black




Sleek, simple, and elegantly designed fireplace for summertime hangouts and wintertime bonfires

Family owned and operated for over 100 years and with their HQ in Copenhagen, Eva Solo has been trusted by homeowners to provide incredible kitchen and outdoor products with truly heritage Scandinavian designs. They recently found a way to make a summertime bonfire even more enjoyable with the help of their Fireglobe Fireplace—designed with a unique spherical shape, this fire pit adds flare to any outdoor outing. Easily transportable in construction, the Fireglobe is specially crafted from lightweight, powdered aluminum and a three leg system to make a change of scenery as easy as possible.

  • Modern, Scandanavian design that adds style to your backyard
  • Hardy and durable construction of aluminum and enameled steel
  • Powdered aluminum body is lightweight and makes transportation simple
  • Top handle assists with easier transportation
  • Three legged stand stabilizes the firepit
  • Designed with a back to block the wind
  • Bottom grid ensures good ventilation

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