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Xerocole - Exclusive in Silver Birch



Color: Silver Birch



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Hiking boots made with a true respect for the desert

The desert can't be treated like any other landscape—there's something about the beauty and hostility of the arid heat, shifting dunes, and rocky cliffs that demand a special appreciation. Erem has that appreciation, and it's led them to not only create some of the best desert performance gear on the market, but to build that gear with eco-friendly materials. With canvas and leather uppers and a durable one-piece sole, Xerocole hiking boots are engineered to keep you comfortable and protected no matter how long your desert journey lasts.

  • Strong and breathable upper made from reverse full-grain leather and woven canvas
  • Loose-lined with moisture-wicking Lyocell to regulate temperature and prevent odor
  • Single-piece rubber sole stitched to the upper for secure attachment and repairability
  • Three-quarter gusset and padded collar keep out trail dust and debris and prevent blisters
  • Integrated toe bumper smooths out uneven footing
  • Wood-fiber shank board gives torsional support and protection in rocky terrain
  • Deep tread lugs ensure steady traction even in loose gravel
  • Shock-absorbing footbed handmade in Portugal from rescued cork crumb
  • Insole topped with natural latex foam for all-day comfort
  • Vegetable-tanned leather from LWG "gold-rated" tannery
  • Repairable through the Erem Reboot program
  • Upper: Vegetable-tanned leather, cotton (>90% organic)
  • Liner: TENCEL™ Lyocell
  • Footbed: Recycled cork
  • Shank Board: Recycled wood fiber
  • Hardware: Brass
  • Outsole: Eco-Rubber (70% recycled content, biodegradability enhancer, can be devulcanized)
  • Insole: Natural latex foam
  • Midsole: PLA derived from corn
  • Linen
  • Eco-adhesive
  • Made in Albania
  • Height: 5.25” collar line
  • Leather Thickness: Approx. 2 mm
  • Lug Depth: 6 mm
  • Boot Weight: Approx. 48 ounces
  • Heel Drop Height: 10mm
  • Xerocole are designed with a roomier fit
  • If you have a wider foot, take your normal size. If you have a regular to narrow foot, size down a half size from your sneaker size
US Size CM Measurement
8 26 cm
8.5 26.4 cm
9 26.9 cm
9.5 27.3 cm
10 27.7 cm
10.5 28 cm
11 28.6 cm
11.5 28.9 cm
12 29.5 cm
13 30.2 cm
  • If the leather gets wet, we suggest removing the footbed and stuffing the boots with paper towels or newspaper while they dry to help the boots keep their shape
  • Always let your Xerocoles air dry, don't put them under direct heat
  • Some people think that reverse grain leather looks best when brushed, use specialized suede brushes for best results

How to Clean Your Xerocoles:

  • Remove the laces from your boots for full access to the tongue and gusset
  • Use a shoe brush and shoe wipes to remove dirt and debris from the suede and canvas.
  • Mix mild dish detergent into a bucket or sink filled with cold water—do not use bar soap or detergents as many contain additives that can be harmful to suede and canvas
  • Using an old toothbrush, dip it into the soapy water and gently brush in a circular motion to clean
  • Without getting any water inside of the boots, use a clean, damp cloth and rinse the soap off
  • Crumple up a few sheets of paper towel or newspaper, and stuff it in the boot to help the boot keep its shape while drying
  • Place the boots in a well-ventilated area and let the boots dry naturally

Email us at [email protected] for sizing guidance or other questions.

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