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Elastic Precision

Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun


Color: Maple with Walnut Grips



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Leave the cannoli, take the rubber band gun

This wooden rubber band gun is modeled after the classic 1911 handgun made famous by golden-age Hollywood gangsters. While your aim may not rival theirs, you’re sure to have much more fun (and with much lower stakes) turning your living room into a no-holds-barred shootout.

  • Easy to load and shoot, simply place one end of the band on the barrel and the other in one of the notched grooves on the back
  • Pulling the trigger pushes the rubber band out of the groove and sends it flying at your target
  • Fires up to 6 rubber bands with semi-automatic action
  • Shoots up to 20 feet in a straight line
  • Includes 50 rubber bands
  • Made in USA

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