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Going minimal usually requires us to make some level of sacrifice—from carrying less stuff to retraining our fingers in the art of credit-card-pinching kung fu. We just about settled into this cold truth when Ekster came along and flipped the script on us. Their lineup of wallets is minimal enough to fit in your front pocket, yes, but they also pack as much discreet tech as something outta Q’s lab. For instance, their ultra-slick Parliament + Tracker has an RFID-blocking card compartment that requires no digging—just push a button and your cards instantly fan out for you, fresh for the picking. And that’s not even the most 007-like feature. Equipped with a lightweight, solar-powered GPS tracker, you’ll always be able to find your wallet, no matter if you left it behind at Thursday-night karaoke or your couch cushions decided to eat it. Available in a slick Steel Blue, we also worked with Ekster to build an exclusive version just for our shop, in a rugged copper leather with our Huckberry tree embossed on the front. So next time you think you’ve misplaced your wallet, before you let the oh sh*t stomach drop fully set in, play it cool—and just track it.

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