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Duke Cannon

Attention — Duke Cannon is here to airlift your grooming regimen outta the wasteland of chemical-laden soaps and fancy-pants products. This is no-nonsense stuff designed with unfussy guys in mind — guys that work hard and get dirty but still value putting their best face forward. Duke’s products and designs depart from anything you’ll find in the aisle of a convenience store, instead opting for a military-inspired, military-tested range of hygiene essentials. The refreshing minty blast of the Cold Shower cubes feels like a polar plunge, perfect after a grueling workday. And the textured scrubber found in their tactical soap bundle is tough enough to whisk away the effects of even the dirtiest jobs. Best of all, Duke Cannon is committed to giving back, partnering with organizations like Honor Flight to directly support the brave and bright men and women of the armed forces. Well, don’t just sit there. Hop to it...

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