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The difference between a 12-pack tube sock and a sock made with care is obvious at first glance. But it becomes even more apparent after the third wear of the aforementioned tube sock when a hole shows up in the heel and the shape loses all structural integrity. Druthers believes our socks should be knit like our favorite sweaters: with premium fabrics, quality craftsmanship, and a healthy dose of style. That’s why every pair of their socks is built by skilled artisans with fabrics sourced from France, Japan, Portugal, and the USA. And while sustainability is key to their manufacturing, Druthers understands that the longevity of their socks lifespan is integral to a less wasteful impact on the Earth. Meaning a single pair of their socks can outlast any 12-pack tube sock and might just outlast your favorite shoes. It might be a stretch, but if anyone can pull it off, its Druthers.