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Can you really blame us? Hold Steady was playing on a Monday night and “two-dollar-shots” were, well, two dollars. Obviously it’s no small secret that alcohol is a natural diuretic, and one that rapidly depletes your body of critical vitamins and minerals during outings of excessive fun-having, leading to mornings of painful headache-getting and stomach-emptying. To combat this, Drinkwel has developed a balanced multivitamin formula that replenishes those nutrient stores and aids your liver in processing alcohol-induced toxins. Drinkwel’s all-natural, vegetarian (gluten-free and vegan too!) capsules contain superfruits like acerola, goji, and acai, along with milk thistle, artichoke, kudzu, green tea, schisandra, and a full complement of vitamins and minerals to aid natural metabolism and maintain energy. Take one serving of Drinkwel daily for maximum support (ie: Yacht Week or Easter at UVA), or before and after an evening on the town. Just remember that while Drinkwel isn’t designed to keep you from making bad decisions on a weeknight, it will help you bounce back quicker in time for Thirsty Thursday.

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