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Inverted Lighter


Color: Black



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An ergonomic lighter designed for the way people actually use lighters

Lighters have been around for about 200 years—yet somehow no one’s managed to design one that easily stows in your pocket and doesn’t burn your fingers when you flip it to light a candle. Enter the Inverted Lighter. Specifically designed to be flipped upside down, the combo of a circular grip and angled flame port direct the fire at the wick of your candle or the tinder in your campfire with your fingers safely out of the way. Endlessly refillable and built from premium materials, it’s the lighter we’ve been waiting two centuries to get our hands on.

  • A refillable lighter with an ergonomic hand position in the upright or inverted position
  • Angled flame port directs the flame where you want it to go
  • The natural circle grip keeps your fingers safely out of the flame’s way
  • Adjustable flame level
  • Satisfying and reliable trigger ignition
  • Uses standard butane fuel

Due to shipping regulations, the lighters ship without fuel

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