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Deus Ex Machina

You're sitting in a white-tiled, sunlit cafe in Venice Beach with a cup of high-octane coffee in hand. Dotted all around you are immaculate custom motorcycles—a tricked out Harley Sportster here, a barely recognizable Ducati there. Someone who looks an awful lot like Springsteen strolls in and casually admires one of the bikes. No one bats an eye. Naw, couldn't be The Boss. Except it could be and it is. You're not dreaming, you're at Deus Ex Machina. Since screeching onto the scene in 2006, Deus has garnered such a cult-following with their custom motorcycles, they've even seduced more than a few of our idols. That's 'cause they're much more than bike builders. Through their immersive apparel shops and events, Deus has fostered a community of free-spirited creatives of all stripes with a shared love for the open road and a healthy disdain for society's expectations. Here we've collected a few of our favorite tees from the team at Deus. Even if you don't have a steel horse of your own, you can still be part of the club. Toss one on and try to keep it cool if you get a knowing nod of approval from a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer on the street.

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