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Deep Blue

Somewhere off the coast of Summerland — deep in the Florida Keys, light is at a premium. Key West glows faint in the distance, competing for our attention with the starry night sky. Glancing at the Deep Blue Juggernaut IV on our wrist in otherwise pitch darkness, the time glowed brightly back — a reassuring sight in the unfamiliar inky darkness surrounding the island.

Deep Blue Watches are rugged, professional-grade dive watches with illumination options that simply must be seen to be believed. Most modern, function-forward watches use a luminescent paint that glows briefly after a ‘charge’ from an external light source (like the sun). However, Deep Blue takes this to the next level, doubling down on luminous paint for a long-lasting glow. Deep Blue rolls some of the most brilliantly luminous dial and bezel combinations we’ve ever seen into burly, 316L surgical stainless steel cases, which are built to withstand depths up to 330 punishing meters. Whether you’re seeking out a capable mission timer for your next Cayman Island adventure, or just looking for a show-stopping watercooler conversation piece, Deep Blue has you covered above and beneath the waves.

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