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The knife is an integral part of a considered carry—and the folding blades from Deejo are some of our all-time favorites. These featherlight wonders barely register on the scale at a mere 37 grams. Each blade is designed around superior in-hand balance and sheer portability—not unlike the tools once relied upon by ancient European nomads.

Knives this light make you forget they're even in your pocket—that is, until you need it most and your trusty knife is right by your side. Deejo sources handsome, all-natural wood like Juniper, Rosewood, Olive and Granadilla for its handles and polishes them into low profile grips that add satisfying weight, but very few ounces. Though already packing a stylish punch, Deejo's added sweet cherry on top with a bevy of all-new styles, including a triple black covert version and Art Deco blade graphics that add a subtle layer of detail to compliment the beautifully minimal form. We also like how each blade is hewn from time-tested 420 stainless steel, and is equipped with a closure system that’s simultaneously elegant and stunningly simple. But best of all? The price, which leaves plenty left over in the budget for building a strong EDC supporting cast.

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