Grill Frypan

in Steel and Beeswax


High-quality French cookware with over 170 years of experience behind every pan

De Buyer, a trusted source of premium quality French cookware, has been at it since 1830, earning their stripes in high-class kitchens around the world. Their Mineral B Element line comprises a variety of pans that are seasoned with beeswax, an excellent and all-natural shield against oxidation that also helps with non-stick properties. Treat 'em well, and they're sure to become a workhorse around your home kitchen in no time — not to mention picking up a rustic, non-stick patina the more you use them.

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  • Round frypan with ridged bottom to reduce sticking of meats and give classic grill marks; great for searing, grilling, and browning
  • Pure iron construction with an all-natural beeswax finish — no sketchy finishes or coatings
  • Beeswax finish protects against oxidation and improves the non-stick quality of the cookware
  • Sturdy riveted handle in a curved, ergonomic shape for easy handling
  • Great for high-temperature cooking: searing, browning, and grilling
  • Made with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Works on all cooktops, including induction
  • Made in France


  • Constructed from a high-quality, heavy-duty, yet lightweight iron
  • Finished with all-natural beeswax to protect from oxidation and facilitate seasoning


  • 10¼" diameter


  • Before first use: Clean the frying pan with very hot water. Rub the entire pan well to remove the excess of wax. Then will remain a very thin cover of wax which allows a better seasoning. Then carefully wipe the pan with absorbent paper.
  • Seasoning: Pour in about one millimeter of oil — enough to just cover the bottom of the pan — and heat it until smoke appears. Carefully dispose of the oil and wipe your pan with paper towels.
  • Use: Your pan will get darker with use, this is totally normal. The more the pan is used, the darker the coating will be come, and the better it will be for natural nonstick properties.
  • Cleaning: Wash with very hot water and a sponge, avoid soap to leave seasoning intact. Dry and oil with a paper towel, store in a dry place.

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