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D.S. & Durga

Portable Fireplace



Fragrance: Dwarf Pinewood and Atlas Cedar




Premium candles with a unique, original scent to freshen-up any room of the house

D.S. & Durga looks at scent as more than one of the five senses—they believe it to be a vessel that can take you to past-lived experience, transporting you to another world while illuminating the rest of your senses. Sure, that might sound a little “out there”, but D.S. & Durga truly believes in the power of scent-making and the connection it has to the human experience. That’s why all of their candles are carefully made to their exact specifications under their supervision in New York.

  • A classic fireplace scent that blends smokey and woodsy scents into a wonderful, nostalgic combination
  • Top notes: dwarf pine wood, atlas cedar
  • Heart notes: smoke, oak ash, cedar
  • Base notes: birch, birch tar, copaiba resin
  • Poured in a reusable vessel
  • Made in New York

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