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Time Since Launch


Color: Silver



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Commemorate a moment forever, or at least for 2,738 years

This Time Since Launch capsule is made to count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds since the moment you pull the pin. Once you start the clock it's set forever and it will keep time for the next 1 million days, so pick a moment to remember—like the day you move cities, the day you get married, or the day you decide to quit your job and follow your dreams. By removing the stainless steel pin you burn that instant into the chip's silicon and simultaneously mark the beginning of your new epoch.

  • A single-use, long-scale launch clock with a sleek minimalist design
  • Pull the pin to begin counting for 2,738 years
  • Robust construction is over-engineered to outlive you, or possibly your bloodline
  • Ships with its LCDs in pre-launch mode, cycling through each segment for even wear and tear.
  • Pulling the pin burns that instant into the chip's silicon, making that moment yours forever.
  • If anything ever happens to it, as long as the chip is intact, you can recover your Moment Zero and transplant it into a surrogate
  • Made with machined aluminum end caps and a durable borosilicate tube
  • The insides are suspended and deliberately made visible so it's easy to see if something ever breaks
  • Electronics specified for longevity and low power consumption
  • Includes: two chips and a few passive components mounted on a matte black PCB with gold plated traces, two 6-digit LCDs, and batteries
  • Draws less than 6uA (microamps) of current running at 3.3 volts
  • Ships with 2 x AA Energizer L91 Ultimate Lithium batteries
  • Conservative estimated run time of 40 years with original batteries
  • Uses an Epson RX8900 chip to keep time with ±2 ppm accuracy (10 times more accurate than a normal wristwatch)
  • Safely change batteries without losing time

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