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Desk Knife



Color: Stainless Steel




All-purpose utility in a striking, clean design

While its Japanese heritage isn't immediately obvious, the Desk Knife takes its functional cues from what's known as a kiridashi, a utility knife that acts as a go-to for all small and various cutting jobs. But where Craighill's iteration shines is in the form that's closer to a writing instrument than a knife — making a perfect addition to any desk that will fit right in with the rest of your essentials.

Please note this item is available for domestic US delivery only.

  • Flat-ground edge is easy to sharpen and maintain
  • Writing instrument design and solid heft for a substantial and satisfying feel in the hand
  • Milled and finished from a solid ⅝" bar of steel
  • Notches at ½" intervals provide grip and double as a quick visual ruler
  • Milled in Wisconsin, finished in NYC

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