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Portland, Oregon is known for rain, microbrews and bike-friendly streets, but it should also be recognized for Columbiaknit, a company that produces durable, high-quality knitwear. Back in your Grandpa's day, Columbiaknit made sweaters, letterman sweaters and swimwear. While some things have changed since 1921 (thank you Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition), the superb craftsmanship in every piece of Columbiaknit clothing has not. Their 100% cotton and cotton blended hats that are both tastefully crafted and built to last. These knitted beanies come in batch of colors well-suited to match the changing of the seasons. From the first stitch to the box shipped to you, Columbiaknit has a hand in the entire process insuring your satisfaction. These beanies looks cool while keeping your noggin warm, and are great for the cold weather months ahead. Give you ears a little company and snag one these before it’s too late.

Bummer. No products are currently available from Columbiaknit

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