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CasusGrill - Portable Grill


Color: CasusGrill--Cas




Winner of a 2017 Danish Design Award, the CasusGrill is an innovative way to enjoy your favorite grilled meals in the outdoors — anytime, anywhere

Combine a love for good food and the best adventures, and you get the CasusGrill, a sustainable, portable, and 100% natural single-use grill. With nature's own building blocks, put together in a foolproof design the CasusGrill is easy to use, portable enough for any day trip, and aside from the good ol' campfire is the best way to prepare a meal in the great outdoors.

  • Ready to cook in five minutes and provides 60 full minutes of cooking time
  • Dispose of the grill in a bonfire to leave no trash behind
  • Quick-light bamboo charcoal briquets provide even and high heat

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