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“The last wallet you’ll ever need to buy”

  • Outside Magazine

Often, the switch to a minimalist wallet means sacrifice — convenience for the sake of a smaller footprint. With Cardamon, thank goodness, that just ain’t the case. The former Arc’teryx designer behind these wallets took his expertise from the mountain climbing world — where there’s a race to make everything lighter, cleaner, simpler — and applied it to the classic billfold wallet. And the end result is the smallest footprint possible for a cash-carrying billfold, without any unnatural compromises added to the mix. It’s all a product of Cardamon’s obsession with technical fabric, and the two years of development that went into perfecting the proprietary Meridian Shell that these wallets are made of. To get a wallet so lean, a single sheet of this water-resistant, woven fabric is welded, pressed, and folded into shape. A fit for up to eight cards and a wad of cash that won’t feel like much else when you stick it in your pocket. Another fun fact: these wallets patina and wear naturally over time without losing strength. And another: they’re fully guaranteed for life.

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