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Is it just us or is the state of men’s grooming a little, um, gnarly these days, overflowing with chemical-laden goop that seems to take itself a bit too seriously? Byrd, founded by the pro surfer Chase “Big Bird” Wilson, is here to wash all that away and start anew. Their refreshing (and refreshingly simple) line of California-made grooming products has everything you need to feel as loose and carefree as a Huntington Beach native no matter what the day has in store for you. Take their Pomades, the way to effortlessly style your hair how you want it without weighing down its natural flow. Or their Soap on a Rope: a hair, body, and face wash infused with coconut oil, sea salt, and aloe vera. Facts are facts, surfers have the best hair. So let’s paddle out and ride Byrd’s wave to grooming glory.

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