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Burch Barrel V2 in Black


Color: Black

One Size
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A suspended grill/smoker/fire pit with unmatched precision and versatility

Over time folks have tried to make grilling more complicated than it needs to be, but the basics have been the same for several hundred years: you need something to hold a fire, something to keep the food from going into the fire, and that's about it. Burch Barrel isn't about complicated, it's about better. It's about giving you complete and utter control over your cooking experience from the kind of fuel you use to the airflow to where you want to cook in the first place. It's circular design allows for the same communal experience of cowboys cooking over a fire pit, while the modern tripod design allows for you to take it with you on your next adventure.

  • An over-fire suspended grill, smoker, and fire pit with incredible versatility and an easy-to-use design
  • Built to work with all of your favorite fuels—charcoal, briquettes, or good old fashioned wood
  • Use the trackster rail system to raise and lower the coal bed with nine height settings
  • Raise and lower the grill with the lock collar lid while your food is already cooking
  • Slide vents on the top and side of the barrel enable precision control over the airflow
  • Everlevel tripod with adjustable carbon steel legs keeps the grill perfectly even, no matter the terrain
  • Pistol grip slider raises and lowers the lid with ease
  • Coal pan can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Double walled barrel keeps the outside kid and dog friendly while you're cooking
  • Suspend food from the hanging hook in the lid to roast or slow cook
  • High-grade steel and aluminum construction with reliable welds, metal fasteners, and tough powder coating
  • Body: Cold Rolled Steel
  • Insert: 304 Stainless steel and high-heat-resistant coated steel
  • Aluminum components
  • Matte powder coating
  • Barrel Weight: 45 lbs
  • Tripod Weight: 20 lbs
  • Tripod Height: 81" to 84"
  • Tripod Footprint: 60” circle
  • Grill Diameter: 18” (254.47” sq)

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